Kenya Freight Forwarding | Port Removal – KPA Container Freight Station Operations

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After clearing your freight through Kenya Customs, the next step is for the clearing and forwarding agent to follow up release and removal with Kenya Port Authority (KPA) or Container Freight Station (CFS) and subsequently forwarding your freight to customer’s delivery address. Now your cargo is about to get to you and this is process of forwarding the freight from the Port or CFS.

1.1 Containers

Containers are usually loaded on standard semitrailer trucks to either the final destination or an intermediate staging area. Since the cargo is fully customs cleared at this stage, it can be delivered to any storage area or destination site not under customs hold.

1.2 Direct delivery of bulk / project cargo

In the case of bulk/project cargo, direct delivery from the vessel can be requested from the ports authority bypassing any discharge in port or Container Freight Station operation. For this the actual clearance has to be completed in advance and any special requests by customs have to be adhered to

1.2.1 Discharge Operations

Once the vessel begins discharging, trucks (standard semitrailers, Step-Deck trailers, lowloaders or modular trailers if required) will be driven alongside the vessel An independent surveyor can be present if required. Approval for trucks to enter and exit the port with details of the trucks and cargo on the vessel has to be processed in advance.

1.2.2 Special Road Permit Application

If required, the clearing and forwarding agent and/or the designated transporter will undertake the special road permit application formalities for all Out Of Gauge cargo – which implies that each particular loads are duly weighed at a certified weighbridge and physically checked and sighed by a representative of the Ministry of Roads and Public Works.

These permits are issued at the discretion of the authorities and require several working days to be processed, usually longer if the item is considerably out of gauge.

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